Valentine's Day

In America Valentines day is a holiday based on love. Valentines day is all about buying presents for your sweetheart and being romantic. Valentines day is celebrated on February 14th. Valentines day is named after Saint Valentine and originated in Rome to honor the queen Juno.
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Valentine’s Day is every February 14th. It is a day where everyone makes cards for one another and gives each other candy because you are supposed to show the people you love how much you care about them. For the entire day everyone is in good spirits and is happy.
Nosotros celebramos por comer dulces. Nosotros hacemos manualidades. Nosotros es simpatico and comica.
Tiene usted Valentine? Te gustan los caramelos? -Megan, Katie, Brie


Valentine’s Day was first created in 469 A.D. It is in memory of Saint Valentine, a martyr for Christianity. The holiday was not originally about love. It did not became related to romance until the High Middle Ages.

En el Día de San Valentín, mis amigos y yo hacemos tarjetas de San Valentín. En el almuerzo, nosotros compartimos los tarjetas. En general, la gente compra muchos flores, joyería, y otros regalos para su amantes y esposos. Come mucho chocolate y dulces.

¿Haces o compras tarjetas de San Valentín?

¿Qué se obtiene en el día de San Valentín?


Valentines day celebrates love and friendship. Many people give cards called valentines to people that they care about and sometimes candy and flowers are exchanged, too! This holiday honors Saint Valentine. It started back in 469 A.D. in honor of queen Juno.
En el Dia de San Valentin mi familia y mis amigos celebra con flores y chocolate! Nosotros es simpatico y muy bien!

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Mi Familia

BY: Drew Garber, James Zambri, Patrick Foti, y Josh Mcnamera

Valentines Day celebrates the love of people and how they are romantic to one another. It started back in 469 A.D. they created it to have a special day to give their lovers presents, cards and hearts.
Le gente compra mucho dulces para la famila. Le gente compra mucho flores. Flores es bonito!
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Frank y Gene

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