Hola! Mellamo Taylor. Me gusta las fotos y los flores. What kids of activities do you do on Valentines day?-Taylor M.

Hola mis amigos. Me gusta los fotografias porque colorido, y mucho comida y flores. What do you guys eat on valentines day? Do you guys have your family hangout together? Is Valentines day romantic for any people in relationships?Drew G.

Hola mi amigos! Mi llamo Jason. la fotos son excelente, me gusta el flores.! Yo donde en New Jersey, me gusta levantar pesas, y pelicula de editar, y pasar el rato con los amigos. Mi favorito libro es The Kite Runner. Me gusta correr y tocar la guitarra. Cual es su actividad favorita? What are your favorite movies and why? Adois :D

Hola mi amo Frank. me gusta las photografias porque es mucho calores. Do you celebrate Valentines day? We celebrate love on Valentines day, but what do you celebrate on Valentines day if you celebrate it at all. Whats your favorite candy to eat?
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Hola! Me gusta la photografias, la flores y el estudiantes es bonita! Do you guys have the same history behind Valentines day as we do or is yours different? Is the dia de Amor y Amistad different then Valentines day or is it the same?-TJ


Me gustaron todas las fotos todo parecía tan bonita. Tambien me gusta flores.

Is Valentines Day an important holiday there? Do you guys like the holiday? Are there any types of traditions out there for Valentines Day?

Matthew Sass
Hola! Me gusta los fotografias, yo como los dulces tambien, y me gusta los globos, es muy divertido!
Is Valentine’s day where you are focused on love? Is it a holiday that everyone enjoys? Or only couples?

Nicole Lamastra

Hola amigos. Los fotos es muy bonita. Me gusta flores y los dulces tambien. Do you celebrate Valentines Day? How do you usually celebrate it? Is it a big holiday?

Hola yo gusto tu fotographias porque mas color y mas personas. Do you celebrate it for one day? What do people receive as presents?

Me gustaron todas las fotos, son bonita.
Do you guys like the holidays? what do you do?

Los fotos es muy bonita. Me gusta flores tambien.
What do you do during that day?

Hi Nicole!
We celebrate Valentine's Day by giving balloons, a little gift or candies to our friends. If you have a boyfriend you give him something special or things like that and if you are a girl and a guy is in love with you he might give you roses or chocolates. It is not really a big holiday here but people use to buy balloons and balloons and balloons. You can see couples at cinemas holding their hands and kissing... But If you are single you might hang out with your friends and enjoy a film or go for something to eat, maybe an ice cream or just go for pizza and then go to a friend's house. At school we have a little celebration and contests. For example there's one very funny. Many couples (at least 6) go to the baby foot court and sit there, then there's a guy who make questions to see which couple knows everything about each other. The one who wins is named "The best couple of Prepa" also there is another one which is completely the same but for best friends. That is the funny side of Valentine's day at school!
Sandra Muciño.

Hi Taylor
Some of the activities that we do here in St Valentine's Day are like hangout with friends to the cinema, have a secret friend at school who can give you a present or just go to someone's house to spend time or if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend you can give him something really special, not always balloons or chocolates because you can just go to see a movie or eat together, but at school we could have fun with lots of contest that the oldest prepared like a contest to win a secret date, or decide who was the most handsome, the best friends, the best couple, etc. But ehat I like the most about St. Valentine's day here in Mexico is that you don't need to have a boyfriend because you can have fun with your friends, watching movies, eating pizza, singing, dancing, well there are lots of options. :)

Hi Matthew!
In Valentines Day or " Día del amor y la amistad" we are not just focused on love, we also celbrate friendship, in my case I preffer to celebrate those persona who will be always there for you, FRIENDS! In this holiday the most important thing is to celebrate, it does not matter if it's with someone special or not, the main point of this is to have a great time with friends or with a couple! Maybe give some little details to someone ( Friends, girlfriend,boyfirned, teachers, etc) like candies, or chocolates or roses or dedicatea song or give valentine cards with a special message! Other thing we do is have a secret friend and give presnts. Valentine's day is very colorful and funny! :D
Yetzy Mtz.

Hi Miranda
During Valentine's Day, at school we have like some games we do about valentines Day. First, a day before Valentines, students from 3rd grade hand out sheets of paper with questions to all the prepa students. The questions are like, Who's the most handsome boy of prepa?, Who's the most nice boy or girl?Who are the best group of friends? Which people are in love, but they are not boyfriends?, Who is the most intelligent boy?(...this is not a good question actually :S ). After that, there are contests about best couples, best friends and a "Blind date" contest where the ask questions about your friend or grildfriend and the people who get more points get to win. After school we hang out with friends...well I think that's all. Valentines its a nice day here all over the city.

Hey Amy!!
In Valentine´s Day we do may things, first in school they organized many activities, for example they choose the best couple or the best group friends and the cuttest girl, also you can send a rose to a girl or a boy, also the couples and friends give each other some little gifts as chocolates or baloons.Then out of school you can go to eat with your friends or with your girlfriend or boyfriend to a delicious restaurant, then you can go to the cinema or to a kind of plaza and at night you can have a romantic dinner or either hang out with your friends, In general that´s all, everyone have fun this day no matter that you don´t have a boyfriend or a girlfriend.
Pam Ramirez

Hey Dahlia!
this is not a very important day.. I mean you can't compare this holy day with the independence day but we like it because we have fun with friends at school with some games that are organized by the students of 3ro prepa and if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend this is like "the special day" when you give balloons, candies or letters, give roses etc.. And you can go to the movies or to drink some coffee with him/her or just with friends.
Karla Cruz

Hello Frank!
Valentines's Day is a very important and extravagant holiday here. Everyone (not just couples) participates in spreading the holiday cheer. On the day before Valentine's day, the centro (downtown) is filled with people bustling about buying last minute presents for their girlfriends, boyfriends, freinds, and family . Most people buy balloons from the vendors that look as if they are about to fly away because they carry so many pink and red shinny balloons (think the movie Up). You can also buy chocolates, roses, and teddy bears. The next day is even more busy; everyone rushes to give out their Valentines when school gets out extra early at 11. You're lucky if you recieve a rose instead of a perejil (weed/grass) from someone. Following that are the Valentine's Day competitions at school. It is really fun to see who wins Closest Friends, Most Childish, Best Couple, Nicest, etc. You ask me my favorite candy? I really like Esquinkles: chile flavored gummy stuff and Peanut M&M's:you know what they are. I hope you get to enjoy valentines day in Oaxaca sometime.
Emma Polhemus

Hi Frank!
Ok, here in Mexico also celebrate Valentine´s Day, we used to (if don’t have couple) go to the cinema with us friends, buy candies (mostly chocolates) for give to us friends, and surprises for the best friends, but I think isn´t only to buy things or to have a couple, the most important is to show to your friends and family how much important are for you, that you can help them and that they can count with you in the good and the bad times. But I don´t deny that is a good moment to start a relationship.
In the school we have free time for contests, which participate all preparatory, contests about the most handsome, the most nerd, conquests of couples (if they really know), also you can buy balloons and flowers. Alejandro Segura